If you are looking for dance classes located in Mississauga then you have come to the right place.  At M Dance Studio we are a family! Our professional instructors nurture and encourage students to become passionate and confident dancers! We offer Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk, KPOP dance classes for Teenagers and Adults.

M dance studio is also actively involved in various regions of Canada's major performances  such as overseas Spring Festival Gala, Mississauga Spring Festival Gala, Oakville Spring Festival Gala, etc. and received many awards and praise.

M Dance Studio是密西沙加第一家华人建立的以Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk,KPOP为主的街舞舞蹈工作室。

一流的音响设备、环境,优越的地理位置(黄金广场附近),随着学员越来越多,口碑更是M Dance 最为有效的品牌宣传。



现已推出【月卡】【季卡】【次卡】来这里尽情舞蹈吧! 点击进入!




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Instructor Performer Choreographer

I dance because it feels really good to dance.

I love to do it. So even when I’m teaching, it still feels good to be dancing with that many people. Especially to see the students become more confident through dancing. As a student I responded very well to teachers who maintained a positive attitude. I try to take the same kind of positive approach in all my classes, and push them to be the best version of themselves.



Hiphop and K-pop Instructor

Susan Liu began dancing when she was 3 years old. For 6 years, she trained in ballet, jazz and tap at June Lawrence School of Dance, and then later at the Canadian Dance Company. When she was 10, she began to take an interest in Chinese Dancing where she studied under Yang Yang’s Dance Studio for two years. She then took a break from dancing in middle school. In high school, Susan rediscovered her passion for dance, especially for Hip Hop and Kpop. She began to self teach herself these two styles by looking at videos on the internet. Susan is now the director for the student production at her high school, University of Toronto Schools.



Product Manager

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Hiphop and K-pop Instructor

Lexi has passionately been dancing since the age of 4 and started competing in regional and national competitions for 10 years. After graduating from her studio she has been training and performing along side Janet Castillo on her television show “Work It”. She has training in a variety of disciplines such as Acro, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop She is now following her dreams to teach and inspire children who share the same passion as her. This new journey is exciting and she cannot be more ecstatic to be apart of M Dance Studio!

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Hiphop and K-pop Instructor

been dancing for the past seven years, participated in numerous showcases in both Canada and Asia, such as the lunar new year festival.


Specialize in hip hop, urban dance and showcase choreography. Completed training courses in Korea for with one million dance studio .

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K-pop Instructor

Hi, I'm Yolanda. It's an honor for me to join M Dance Studio as a Kpop Dance Instructor. I have been dancing for over 15 years since I was a little kid. I learned various types of dance, including jazz, traditional & classical Chinese dance, urban dance, etc. In terms of my experience, I attended a burch of dance performance and competition stages in China and Canada with getting good awards and ranking places. Also I was engaged in many events on the international level, such as the Chinese-Australia Cultural Festival held in Sydney Opera House and International Dance Festival in Spain, which all achieved the great success.



Hiphop and K-pop Instructor

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Hiphop and K-pop Instructor

Starting with an interest in Latino dance, Chenchen kept on dancing since 2014, learning different genres and styles of street dance and progresses onto skill development influenced by a fusion of hip hop, r&b, urban and street jazz. Along with the training programs and learning experiences in prestigious dance studios such as Zaha (Beijing) and UDC (Toronto) comes stage performances with the M Dance Studio Family on the Spring Festival and so forth.


Wake up and Workout.



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